Why Hire A Private Defense Attorney?

Experience Matters When You Are Facing A Criminal Charge

If you or someone you care about is facing a criminal charge, every decision counts. One of the most destructive myths about our justice system is that — especially for charges such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) — outcomes are the same regardless of whether you go it alone, have a public defender or hire private criminal defense counsel.

Knowing that my skills and experience are difference-making assets for my clients is what makes me confident in my services as a criminal defense lawyer. Clients who place their trust in Barbara Wilkanowski, Attorney At Law in Flushing, receive focused, individual attention. They get honest legal guidance based on my 25-plus years in negotiations and trial work — and they can always reach me with questions.

Know Your Risks And Options

If you have the option of representation by a public defender in Queens or elsewhere in New York City, please make an informed decision. These professionals maintain a notoriously heavy, intensive caseload. Some are inexperienced, limiting their ability to spot problems with the prosecution’s case and their credibility in negotiations. Please consider:

  • Do you understand all penalties and long-range consequences of a conviction or a plea agreement — including the impact on your immigration status, if applicable?
  • Is it important that your defense lawyer take your job, driving obligations, family concerns and other personal priorities into account while seeking the best resolution of your case?
  • Are you entirely innocent or have you been charged with a more serious offense than you committed?
  • If you opt for no-cost defense or simply plead guilty now, how much might that decision cost you if you face another criminal charge down the line?
  • Do you want to look back on this ordeal with the assurance that your lawyer took every action available to protect your rights and future?

“Why hire a private defense attorney?” is a legitimate, practical question. No one wants to invest in a lawyer if the cost will outstrip the benefits.

Make A Confident Decision For Your Future

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss the basics of your legal case and the level of service I provide. In addition, I strive to keep my operating expenses low and my fees as affordable as possible. Call 866-308-7620 or email me now to learn more.