Domestic Violence

Accused Of Domestic Violence In Queens?

In Queens and across New York, stopping and preventing violence within families and households is a constant priority for law enforcement. Any hint of an allegation of spousal abuse or other domestic violence can quickly become a serious matter. Anyone arrested for assault or any similar charge — or served with any form of a protective or restraining order — should seek a qualified defense lawyer right away.

Clients turn to me, Flushing-based criminal defense attorney Barbara Wilkanowski, for clear guidance and rigorous defense of their futures. The advice I offer is grounded in over 35 years of experience as a prosecutor in Queens — and in hundreds of defense cases since. I will take a hard look at your case and ask about your personal priorities. You will know all of your options, whatever the exact charge or circumstances.

Fighting False Allegations And Exaggeration

False allegations, exaggeration about what happened and ulterior motives by the accuser play into many domestic violence cases. How you approach your defense, including avoiding conviction for any domestic violence-related charge if possible, will have a major impact on your future. I cannot overstate the importance of thinking about long-term consequences, including the effect of a domestic violence or assault charge on your job prospects.

Have You Been Served With An Order Of Protection?

Please make a smart, informed decision about your defense against any order of protection. If you have children, you may be unable to see them. Even if you fully intend to steer clear of the person who has sought the order, one call could lead to your arrest.

Straight Answers And Clear Advice Based On Decades Of Experience

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