Fire Safety Violations

Rigorous Defense Against Fire Code Safety Violations

Last updated on February 4, 2021

Has your construction company, restaurant or business been cited for a fire code violation in the New York City area? My name is Barbara Wilkanowski, and I fight fire code violations that go to criminal court in New York City and district court in Hempstead, Long Island.

Did the fire marshal write you up for a fire code violation? Are you worried about heavy monetary fines and other harsh penalties, including possible criminal charges? Call our Queens office at 866-308-7620 to schedule your free initial consultation. I have been an attorney in practice for more than 35 years and can aggressively protect your rights and interests.

Working With A Qualified Attorney Is Critical

If your business has received a fire code violation, working with a qualified criminal defense attorney is critical. You may rely on your business’s attorney to handle contract disputes or permit issues; however, these types of transactional or litigation matters are civil matters, not criminal.

When you retain me to handle your fire code violation, you benefit from my strong criminal defense background. I use decades of relevant experience to navigate the criminal process and present compelling evidence that supports your side.

By Your Side When You Are Facing Violations

New York prosecutors do not care whether the alleged violation occurred due to oversight or ignorance of city laws. If you have received a fire code summons, contact my office to begin building your defense. I am able to challenge a range of violations including failures in complying with:

  • Emergency preparedness regulations
  • Fire reporting procedures
  • Regulations governing combustible or hazardous materials

As your advocate, I will seek out the most effective result possible, which may include a plea deal or reduction of the charge. If you choose to fight the matter in court, I am ready to mount a vigorous defense in trial or on appeal.

Were You Written Up For A Fire Code Violation?

Do not wait to obtain legal help regarding a fire code violation that will go to criminal court in New York City or district court in Hempstead, Long Island. Located in Flushing, Queens, I represent clients operating in a variety of industries who face violations throughout New York City and Long Island. Send an email to schedule your free consultation now.