Department Of Environmental Protection DEP Violations

Handling All Types Of Department Of Environmental Protection (DEP) Violations

Last updated on February 4, 2021

Many construction companies work on contracts that have specific time and budget constraints. This can be seriously hampered if the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) slaps you with air, dust mitigation or noise violation. The last thing you want to deal with is citations, fines and having to go to a hearing. Time is precious for you and your company and such issues should be handled by an experienced New York lawyer.

My name is Barbara Wilkanowski. As an attorney with over 35 years of legal experience, I have handled all types of citations on behalf of construction and other development companies in New York that have had to deal with the DEP. If you are facing a citation or multiple citations by the DEP, it is imperative that you reach out to me as soon as possible. The sooner I am aware of your situation, the sooner I can evaluate it and start helping your business or company. Call Barbara Wilkanowski, Attorney At Law at 866-308-7620.

Air, Noise, Dust Mitigation And Other DEP Citations

When neighbors or other businesses around a construction site start to complain of too much noise or the quality of the air due to excessive dust and other air pollutants that can increase due to construction work, it can lead to a civil violation cited by the DEP. The DEP is a state agency that has the authority to make such citations.

When a construction project uses a large piece of machinery, the state requires that the use of this equipment be documented and a record of dust mitigation be kept. The state provides a specific form for this. If your company needs help with dust mitigation compliance, I can provide it. In addition, if you have received a citation for violation of this rule or other air monitoring or noise restrictions, I can provide a strong representation against the DEP.

Compliance is important to the success of your construction company. If you want ongoing counsel or advice prior to the start of a project, I can also assist you with such matters.

Knowledgeable Advice From A Seasoned Attorney

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