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Clear, Reliable Guidance And An All-Out Effort In Your Defense

With 25 years of experience practicing criminal law in Queens, I know that every decision matters if you have been arrested or come under investigation for a crime. If you are desperate to help a loved one in this situation, the trauma and worry you feel may be just as overwhelming. You must speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as you can.

Work With A Former Prosecutor, Respected In The Courts For Skill And Integrity

I am Barbara Wilkanowski, a lawyer who served for 20 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens, New York, prior to shifting my focus entirely to the defense side. For you, this means that I am very familiar with all proceedings in the courts and behind the scenes in cases like yours — whether you are dealing with a DWI charge, misdemeanor drug possession, felony assault or a civil violation.

Knowing Your Case And Priorities, I Will Help You Make Informed Decisions

You must gain a clear understanding of the charges and all potential consequences you face — including those impacting employment prospects and immigration status. I know the law and will provide honest answers to your questions about the legal process and your full range of options. If fighting aggressively for an acquittal or dismissal makes sense for you, I will identify the best possible strategies and take your case the distance. If negotiation is the path you choose, I will keep your priorities and future in full view.

In addition to my criminal defense practice based in Flushing, Queens, I help many people deal effectively with traffic citations in Nassau County. Business and property owners across the NYC metro area rely on me for difference-making representation when facing a range of construction and fire safety violations.

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The most pressing of many tough decisions you face is whether to call a private defense attorney. If you want prompt attention from a criminal defense lawyer who knows the system, your rights and all of your options, call for a free consultation directly with me, Barbara Wilkanowski.