Orders Of Protection

Orders Of Protection: Know Your Rights

Under a wide range of circumstances, it is relatively easy for a person to obtain an order of protection issued by a New York Family or Criminal Court. Any allegation of abuse or threats against a spouse, ex-spouse or other relative or intimate partner are typically enough to obtain a temporary order from the family court.

If you are facing a criminal court order of protection, you already know your case is serious due to the related criminal charge.

As a longtime former prosecutor in Queens, I have an invaluable perspective from both sides of domestic violence cases. You can count on me to empathize with the difficulty of your situation and the choices you face. We will talk through the concerns that matter most to you. Together, we will decide on the defense strategies and steps that make the most sense for you in this traumatic, uncertain time.

How To Avoid Mistakes

You must take any order of protection seriously and take action to protect your rights. Too often, those who don’t consult a knowledgeable, engaged attorney make mistakes such as:

  • Failing to take any action at all to challenge a full or limited order of protection, only to realize the order can disrupt time with children, alter the outcome of a custody case and have many other life-changing consequences
  • Violating the terms of an order unintentionally, unknowingly or with the supposed consent of the accuser — and facing a serious charge such as criminal contempt or assault

A criminal record for domestic violence can be devastating, financially and personally. A family court protective order can also have far-reaching consequences you haven’t considered.

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