Queens DWI Defense Lawyer

Under the strict laws in place today to deter drunk driving and "drugged driving" throughout New York, no one charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) simply pays a fine and moves on. Please make no mistake: how you choose to approach your defense will have a major impact on your life for many years to come.

Drinking and driving is a serious mistake made by people of all ages and occupations. In the immediate aftermath of any arrest on drunk driving charges, it is critical to get a handle on all potential penalties and consequences that you may face if convicted. You must then weigh those consequences against your defense attorney's assessment of viable defense strategies and avenues for negotiation specific to your case.

Individual, Engaged Attention · Rigorous Preparation And Reliable Follow-Through On Your Case

I am Barbara Wilkanowski, a DWI defense lawyer based in Flushing whom you can trust to focus squarely on your case and protection of your future. As a longtime former prosecutor in Queens, I have an excellent grasp of how the state prepares a DWI case and where weaknesses in that case may be found. I consistently emphasize:

  • Ensuring that my clients understand the legal processes associated with both the criminal case and your driver's license suspension
  • Assessing defense options in full view of a client's prior record, employment risks, financial resources and future goals
  • Preparing rigorously for trial when that is my client's informed choice — or doing everything possible to present my client in the best light and negotiate for manageable outcomes

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A DWI charge — sometimes called DUI — puts you at immediate risk for jail time, staggering fines and fees. Some multiple and serious offenders must confront vehicle forfeiture, ignition interlock and a range of other life-altering concerns. If you are considering pleading yourself guilty or accepting representation by a public defender, I urge you to contact me first. I will be glad to provide a free initial consultation on your case.