Marijuana Possession & Sales

Have You or A Loved One Been Arrested for Marijuana Possession?

Marijuana charges are taken very seriously. Even if it your first offense, you are going to get charged. You may not be looking at jail the first time but you still have a criminal background and damage to your reputation. Subsequent charges will increase the likelihood that you will go to jail or even prison. From my experience as a former Assistant District Attorney in Queens County, I have unique knowledge on how prosecutors prepare and present cases. I know the procedures and the system. I use all of this knowledge to provide my clients with an effective defense against marijuana charges.

Arrested for marijuana possession or sales? Contact Barbara Wilkanowski. Located in Flushing, I represent clients throughout Queens and Forest Hills. Call toll free at 866-308-7620 or send an e-mail to schedule your consultation with an experienced Flushing lawyer for possession of marijuana defense.

I have handled hundreds of cases at trial and before grand juries. I also have extensive negotiation experience. Whether our strategy is to get the charges against you dismissed through motion practice or through trial, or to mitigate the consequences by negotiating a plea bargain, I have the skills that can get you the best possible results. I am also familiar with all of the reputable alternative programs that can be used to avoid incarceration including, diversion programs, drug court, mental health court, and veterans court.

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If you have been charged with marijuana possession, you deserve an aggressive criminal defense. Contact me today. My office is located in Flushing, and I represent clients throughout Queens. Call toll free at 866-308-7620 or send an e-mail to schedule your free consultation.