Focused, Strategic Defense Against Assault Charges

Getting to the truth about who initiated a bar fight or took a domestic dispute to a physical level is always difficult. Police officers must make judgments like these every day, and some assault charges do not reflect what really happened. Whether you have been falsely accused or know you lost control, please recognize that any assault charge in New York is a serious matter.

Your Perspective And Your Future Matter To Me

Depending on the specific misdemeanor- or felony-level assault charge against you, the consequences of conviction could be devastating. If you are accused of causing serious injury or using a weapon in an assault, jail time is a clear possibility and pleading to a misdemeanor is not. Any conviction for a violent crime on your record will be a serious barrier to overcome. The prosecution may be especially intent on securing a conviction and harsh penalties in a domestic violence case.

You need to speak with a passionate, trial-proven criminal defense lawyer who genuinely cares about your side of the story. When you work with me, attorney Barbara Wilkanowski, I will put more than 25 years of experience in the courts of Queens and surrounding communities to work for you, emphasizing:

  • Honest, two-way communication with you at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure you avoid mistakes that could be harmful in your case
  • Thorough evaluation of police reports, witness accounts and other evidence against you — in full view of factors such as whether you acted in self-defense or your accuser has questionable motives
  • Exploration of all viable strategies for avoiding conviction and all other options for helping you avoid life-changing penalties

Engaged, Hardworking Defense Counsel Is Essential In This Pivotal Time

Please do not allow an isolated mistake or chaotic situation to close off what you want to achieve in life. As a long-standing former prosecutor, I know what trial and negotiating strategies are effective in defense against aggravated assault and misdemeanor assault charges. Our work together can begin with a free initial consultation when you call 866-308-7620 (toll free) or email my firm in Flushing.