Due to the state response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York State Criminal Courts are closed except for arraignments and emergency applications. In the event of an arraignment or emergency application, the courts are open only by video conferencing. If you are concerned about the current status of your case, please reach out by phone or email.
The courts are open on a limited bases for in-person appearances. Check for updates by the Chief Judge or contact your attorney.

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A Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney
A Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

A Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

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I am Barbara Wilkanowski, a lawyer who served for 20 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens, New York, prior to shifting my focus entirely to the defense side. For you, this means that I am very familiar with all proceedings in the courts and behind the scenes in cases like yours – whether you are dealing with a DWI charge, misdemeanor drug possession, felony assault or a civil violation.

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